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dick-leeFounder and President Richard (“Dick”) K. Lee Ph.D.

It’s a great pleasure to recommend Joy Foster and her company “Made With Joy.” I thought I knew how to use Social Media, particularly LinkedIn, and I found out I knew very little.

Our starting off point was a seven year-old website which had no functionality, was impossible to view on a smartphone and very difficult to navigate. We had a lot of content in the form of a boat anchor!

Today we have a great looking website built with WordPress which is clean, fresh and easy to navigate. It looks great on smartphones and tablets.

With the ability now to post from the website directly to LinkedIn Groups and Twitter, we are able to drive traffic to our website. Visitors are up 150% in just five weeks.

Joy does far more than website design. She coaches you/helps you figure out your Social Media and Content Marketing strategies. She teaches you how to use WordPress and subtle tricks of the trade and makes you think through how you can monetize what’s going on with your site.

We operate out of the US and are 7h behind Oxford but it works great for communications. We have a question here in the evening and can have an answer the following morning.

Working with Made With Joy has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

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