How do you measure blog success?

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It seems like everyone has a blog nowadays. But how do you measure the success of your blog? One word: Stats. If you don’t know who is reading your blog, when they are reading your blog and why they are reading your blog then you aren’t going to go very far in creating better content and reaching more people.

My primary blog is Living in Luzern. It was relaunched from a static website in 2009 using May of 2011, we had 689 hits. Fastforward to May of 2012 and we had an astounding 2,400 hits. In fact, nearly every month the readership of the blog has increased and has just had its highest month ever in May of 2013 with 7,097 hits.

Living in Luzern is primarily targeted at a very small audience of around 2,000 people who live in Luzern, Switzerland. So, 7,097 hits in a single month is HUGE. Why? Because the main income for a blog is advertising revenue. So when you are getting substantial hits and you know your target audience, you can then seek out advertising at decent rates.

My advice to you if you are writing a blog is to first of all make sure you have access to your stats. Then, you need to make sure your targeted audience is being exposed to your blog – a good way to do this? That depends on your audience… I guess that is a good topic for another post.