Made with Joy Social Impact Report

Made with Joy Social Impact Report

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I was recently asked to compile a list of stats regarding the work that Made with Joy has done since our first award was granted in November of 2014 from UnLtd. When I was going through the UnLtd fellowship, social impact was one of the key things that they stressed that we measure as it is a critical piece in the ability to attract funding and investment… so luckily, I managed to put some information together quite quickly.

After reflecting on the numbers, I thought it was important to share this information with people who are connected to Made with Joy – whether as part of the team or as part of the wider community who have supported the concept since its inception.

So without further ado… here is what we’ve been up to since February 2015:

  • 752 hours of free training has been provided to Made with Joy Trainees
  • 13 individuals have gone through the Made with Joy Training Programme
  • 964 hours of living wage, part time, paid employment has been provided to 11 individuals (9 of whom came through the training programme)
  • 58 organisations have worked with Made with Joy
    • clients include: Restore (Mental Health Charity), Gatehouse (Homeless Charity), Cultivate (Local Food Social Enterprise), Electric Eels (Down Syndrome Swimming club), Opps in Bucks (Educators and Business Collaboration in Buckinghamshire), Justice in Motion (Dance Company tackling issues facing humanity)
  • 5 alumni
    • 2 NEETs who returned to college to complete courses in IT and who are currently working part time at major companies (EE and Polo Ralph Lauren)
    • 2 youth, one who is still in college and who worked with MWJ as work experience and one who is studying to pass her Maths so she can take on an apprenticeship in the autumn
    • 1 Mum who has returned to work full time as a management accountant

Being a social entrepreneur is amazing, challenging, fun, exhausting… but most of all impactful. The people I train and work with amaze and astound me. Many of the people who come through our programmes have been out of work for an extended period of time or have never worked before and Made with Joy is their first real job. Our trainees and employees range from 15 years old all the way up to 52 years old. Some come from broken backgrounds, others bring a history of mental illness or a lifelong struggle with learning disabilities, some have simply taken time out of work to raise children – ALL of them have something to bring to the table and EACH ONE of them has been a valuable and amazing asset to Made with Joy.

To me, impact is as much the impact that these individuals have on me as it is our ability to serve these individuals, helping them bridge back to work. I’m so thankful everyday for the opportunity I have to work full time doing something that I love. I’m thankful for the amazing team who I’ve been lucky enough to surround myself with. I’m thankful to the clients, partnerships and friendships who’ve supported me along this journey. You know who you are!

This impact report is dedicated to all those who have believed in the concept from the inset and to my family who have supported it unequivocally. I’d also like to thank God, who has been 100% behind this project from planting the seed in my heart to launch it to making sure it has been provided for financially.