Infographics: the new & fabulous way to share information

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LIL infograph

Long gone are the days when people spend hours pouring over reports. Unless it is incredibly important, no one has time anymore. The solution? Infographics. The only downside? Unless you have an in-house graphics designer or are a graphics whiz, you are going to have to seek out some new friends. There are infographic template websites that can help you, but nothing I tried feels original and edgy. If you know of one, let me know. For now, I’ll be using Rachel Lindenmann with Color me Mint. She did a great job on my infographic for Living in Luzern don’t you think?

A note about infographic styles – as more and more people are moving to mobile as their primary source of internet access, infographics have taken on a slim feel. When we decided to do this one, our goal was also to print it on an A4 sheet of paper because we wanted to present at a partner meeting. However, if you are pinning it on pinterst, you have a maximum width of 500 pixels to work with. So… when creating your infographic, think through how it will be read.¬†Use your infographic as well to solidify your brand recognition. If your brand colors are red, black and white, use different shades of those colors to get your message across, don’t suddenly go to green, blue and pink unless there is a real purpose behind it. To see some great infographics, check out this pin board on pinterest.