We’ve Been Doing Digital Marketing Since Before Social Media Even Existed!

In 2003, Made with Joy founder Joy Foster had the shock of her life. At just 65, her father passed away suddenly and at 22 years old, the reality of how finite life on this earth is hit Joy and she quit her job as a sales trading assistant at Schwab Capital Markets in Boston to pursue her dream of becoming an Olympian. It was on this journey that Joy learned how to build and market a product – herself! Long before the arrival of Twitter and Facebook, MailChimp and Crowdfunding, Joy built a website that updated her followers as to her progress which helped her raise over $20,000 to follow her dream. Although not successful in making the Olympic team, Joy was a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center in California from 2006 to 2007 and was a 4x member of the United States Archery Team, finishing her archery career ranked 5th overall in the United States. In 2008, she was featured in a Budweiser Ad and a Polo Ralph Lauren Ad.

In addition to her personal marketing experience, Joy also worked in marketing for Northwestern Mutual, one of the largest life insurers in the US and she worked as a senior in the marketing department at Deloitte in Zurich, Switzerland. In 2015, she launched the TechPixie programme, training 12 women the fundamentals and practicalities of digital marketing. With five of the women from the course, she has helped Made with Joy evolve into a digital marketing agency.


Current Clients


Gone for Good is an award winning app which helps people give their unwanted furniture, clothing and household goods away to charity. The items are picked up for free and charities then sell the items in their shops. Made with Joy was contracted to help launch the app in April 2015 on social media and in less than 6 months grew Facebook and Twitter to nearly 700 followers, many of whom are actively engaged in the social media content produced by the Made with Joy team.


Another client of Made with Joy is Proviz, the world’s #1 in hi-viz sports brand. We started working with Proviz in February 2015 to help launch a February marketing campaign and over the following months helped grow engagement with the brand’s 22,500 followers on Facebook and nearly 5,000 followers on Twitter. With our amazing partner Tom Pooley, we also re-branded and re-launched the Proviz Instagram account which has grown from just over 600 followers to nearly 5,500 in a few short months. Our biggest success with Proviz came in July/August 2015, when we helped them launch a Kickstarter Campaign. The £20,000 goal of the campaign was met within 6 hours and leveraging social media, we were able to help them surpass their goal by 500%, reaching just over £100,000.

Interested in having a conversation about what digital marketing can do for you? Contact us via email: joy@madewithjoy.org or by phone 07788 242 600.