WOW. MailChimp Top Tip – How to install an app on Facebook which links to your Newsletter Signup form.
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I get giddy when I figure out how to use a new technology and it seems like my work with Living in Luzern has me exploring new ways to connect with people every single day. As Made with Joy is … Read More

How do you measure blog success?
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It seems like everyone has a blog nowadays. But how do you measure the success of your blog? One word: Stats. If you don’t know who is reading your blog, when they are reading your blog and why they are … Read More

Infographics: the new & fabulous way to share information
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Long gone are the days when people spend hours pouring over reports. Unless it is incredibly important, no one has time anymore. The solution? Infographics. The only downside? Unless you have an in-house graphics designer or are a graphics whiz, … Read More

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