Where can I get the best WordPress themes?

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There truly is only one place to get great themes on the web and that is the Creative Market. I stumbled upon it a while ago when I was looking for a theme for WordPress (.org not .com, see the difference here).

Why buying themes isn’t always the solution

I’ve had a bad experience with purchasing themes in the past. The main reason for this is that there is no uniformity to the User Experience/User Interface for theme. So very often, when you buy a theme, there is no way to test drive it first to see if you can figure out the functionality.

I’ve fallen victim to purchasing themes online which really were terrible to manage and run when I finally got into the Dashboard.

The best place online to purchase good themes

My experience with themes at Creative Market have been very different. I recently purchased a theme called ‘Isabelle‘ which I’m using to launch a cake website. Not only has the customer service from the theme designer been great, but the theme is one of the best quality themes I’ve seen.

Another theme which I snatched up for $45 was ‘Indigo‘. This type of look and feel is the ‘trend of the moment’ when it comes to flat screen sites (single page websites, where all the information is in one place, no need to change pages and very mobile friendly). I liked this on in particular as it has mastered the ability to be a single page website + blog.

Want to see the ‘Indigo‘ in action? Here is the site I set up for the CREATE! Campaign.

Aren’t there free WordPress themes?

Of course, there are several fantastic FREE WordPress themes. My absolute absolute favorite can be installed directly from the WordPress Theme directory and it is called ‘Pinboard‘. I’ve implemented this website nearly 6 times and each time with a different look and feel. It is also very trendy and super easy to set up AND fantastic for a video blog.

In general, I would highly recommend trying as many free themes first and then if you decide you know what you want and the free themes don’t work, have a look around Creative Market. You might also really enjoy the Creative Market Blog, it has some great tips for building beautiful websites.

What else can you find on the Creative Market?

A plethora of things: fonts, backgrounds, themes, etc. Here’s are some backgrounds that I LOVED and used in the CREATE! Campaign.