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Made with Joy recently did a major website rebuild for All for Kids in Switzerland. Find out what we did, how we did it and what Robin Bognuda, the owner of All for Kids, had to say about it…

Step 1: Logo rebuild

Often the first step to any website build or rebuild stems from the logo. The look and feel of the logo sets the look and feel of the website. Working in partnership with Color me Mint Design Studio, Made with Joy worked with Robin to determine the best way forwards with a new logo.


We didn’t want to lose brand recognition and so we decided to keep the sun and the balloon. After much discussion, we agreed to drop the jack-in-the-box. Regarding the colors, we decided that the logo needed to incorporate 4 colors so that we had flexibility with the site colors.  Instead of being red, white, yellow and black, we moved towards adding more playful and fresh colors of blue & green.

Step 2: Which eCommerce Platform is best?

This was a much bigger project than the logo. Admittedly, Made with Joy took on this rebuild because we wanted to gain valuable experience in building an eCommerce website.

When it comes to eCommerce, there are really only a few solid options that we discovered via our research. WooCommerce, which powers 30% of all eCommerce sites and was recently bought by Automattic was an obvious option for Made with Joy as we work 100% in WordPress (a product which was built and is maintained by Automattic & the Foundation).

We also looked into other options such as Shopify and Magento. At the end of the day, the startup cost for using WooCommerce is zero, which makes it more attractive than Shopify and Magento off the bat. You do end up paying for WooCommerce when you need additional features, but there is something really nice about the fact that you aren’t committed to a monthly fee for the rest of your life to keep your shop alive. Shopify also had some issues when it came to building an eCommerce site in Europe with regards to what kind of currency they could accept.

Step 3: Competitor Research

After we had decided what type of eCommerce platform to go with, we did some research into competitor sites. We wanted to see what other boutique toy shops were doing and how they were doing it. One of our work experience youth did a fantastic job putting the information together which we then presented to Robin.

Step 4: Theme Selection

Based on the research we did, we then found compatible themes in Creative Market (one of my favorite online shops to purchase themes and graphics from). We were able to narrow it down to InStyle from GavickPro.

It would be a lie to say that InStyle was super easy to work with, but the support we got from GavickPro was really good. It is possible that more user-friendly documentation on their part would have made the process easier. In the end, Made with Joy contracted in (and then hired!) the amazing Ben Newton to help finish the job. Ben was able to teach another work experience trainee along the way.

Our goal with the website rebuild was to make it fresh and friendly, something we felt that the old website was lacking (keeping in mind, that it was a cutting edge website in it’s day!!). We also wanted to showcase her products. Personally, having bought products from All for Kids in the past for my own kids, I knew that they were high quality products and we wanted to reflect that in the rebuild.

Below you can see the before and after screenshots of the home page:


You can see the new website here to see just how many new features we’ve incorporated.

Step 5: Wrap up and Review

In September, we wrapped up the build phase of the All for Kids website. In total, the build phase took 52 sessions over 6 months (+/- 80-90 hours) from our first meeting about it at the end of February to the site going live at the end of August/beginning of September.  It was a fantastic opportunity for Made with Joy to learn and to deliver a high end product.

Client Testimonial – What does Robin think?

We recently asked Robin Bognuda what she liked about her new website and about her experience working with Made with Joy. Here’s what she had to say…

What do you love most about the new website?

“Everything. New colours, photos of kids, new features. It’s very ‘fresh’, inviting and at the same time personal – which is what I wanted to create. AFK is a small business and customer service is very important to me. I think the site demonstrates that.”

Have you noticed an increase in hits since the new website launched?

Definitely. It varies from day to day but the numbers are increasing. Most people see a post on FB and then go to the site. Hopefully they’ll continue to come back. I am receiving far more inquiries from new customers, so the word is getting out.”

From a vendors point of view, has the new website facilitated easier transactions?

“Absolutely. It’s very clear and easy to use. Shipping is more automated now, and customers can select a payment option at check out. This is particularly helpful for international customers who want to have gifts sent to family or friends in CH. They pay me in advance and I send their gifts with a personal card. A great service for expats.”

Has the website enabled you to offer your customers any new or additional services?

“Yes – the Wish List is a great addition. Also the capacity to search by age, gender and brand. I’m also able to list items that are temporarily out of stock, so customers can put them in a wish list until they come back in.”

Where has the new website added most value to your business?

“It’s much more streamlined. I still communicate directly with customers as often as I can but I no longer get bogged down with certain aspects of specific orders (gift card messages, out of stock items etc.) I can reach more people via newsletters and posts in less time.”

What have you enjoyed most about working with Made with Joy?

“I have a lot of respect for Joy’s energy and capacity, and I love her business model of working with (and training) young people. I really enjoyed working together on building the site – she listened to my ideas and found a way to apply many of them. I look forward to continuing to work together – and have already recommended MWJ to a few people who have asked.”

From the Made with Joy Team, we’d like to say: THANK YOU ROBIN FOR A FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY & EXPERIENCE! was worked on by several individuals who I’d like to thank personally… Ben Newton and Matt Fletcher for their dedication to solving complex issues that arose in a timely manner and Zach Austin-Humphries for his work researching competitive sites and themes. I’d like to thank Matt Phillips for creating the featured image. I’d also like to thank Rachel Lindenmann for her work on the beautiful new logo. And of course, we’d like to thank Robin Bognuda for her patience and willingness to work with Made with Joy! 

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