A must read ebook from Copyblogger: How to write Magnetic Headlines

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At Made with Joy, we hate building websites that don’t get traffic… which is why, for every website we build, we also give our clients a crash course in content marketing.

What is the point in building a website that no one visits?

When I was first starting out in digital marketing, I ran across a website called Copyblogger. Without a doubt, Copyblogger is leading the field when it comes to content marketing and I ALWAYS recommend that people sign up for their free membership to get access to all of their free ebooks.

There are quite literally hours and hours and hours of reading on how to do content marketing correctly on Copyblogger. However, I would fundamentally argue that the most important ebook to read before reading any of their others is the one on ‘How to write a Magnetic Headline‘.

I make no money whatsoever promoting Copyblogger, but I trust them and I think as far as a uber high quality free resource goes, Copyblogger is one of the absolute best.

There is NO EXCUSE for a website with no traffic.