37 Beckons as I Get One Year Closer to My Kona Dream

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The lovely ladies of OxfordTri at my first Olympic Triathlon
The lovely ladies of OxfordTri at my first Olympic Triathlon


I’m literally one week away from turning 37 years old. It is amazing to me that it was nearly a year ago that I promised myself that I would do all I could over the next 4 years to qualify for the Ironman World Championships.

If you’ve been following the HumbleTri.com blog, you might recall that back in January, I set a goal of 8 races between February and October 2016. I’m pleased to say that I hit that target with several PRs along the way. I also really enjoyed myself as I made new friends at the OxfordTri club as well as got to spend quality training time with some of my girlfriends after the school run and on the weekends. Without my friends, family and club support, I’m not sure that I would have been able to do any of it!

  1. 28 Feb 2016:  10km run in 59:18 (PR) – Kingston Upon Thames
  2. 28 Mar 2016: 50km cycle in 2:16:45 (23.8km/hr) Cycled the majority in a group – Santini Cotswold Spring Classic
  3. 8 May 2016: Sprint Triathlon (400m swim, 18k cycle, 5k run) in 1:23:55 (27.4km/hr cycle, 6:25km/hr run) 59th overall out of 141 – Stratford [link to official results]
  4. 15 May 2016: 10km run in 58:16 (PR) 658th overall, 141 for F35 – Town & Gown [link to official results]
  5. 05 Jun 2016: Sprint Triathlon (400m swim, 25k cycle, 5k run) in 1:39:56 (26.6km/hr cycle, 5:51km/hr run) 19th overall out of 94 – Henley [link to official results]
  6. 21 Aug 2016: 56.4km cycle in 2:24:42 (23.7km/hr) 7th overall out of 38, 1st for women out of 12, cycled the majority on my own and beat my previous year’s time by 5 minutes – Zappi’s Gran Fondo (Medio) [link to official results]
  7. 25 Sep 2016: Olympic Triathlon (1.5k swim, 40k cycle, 10k run) in 3:03:49, 10k 57:22 (PR) (2:01/100m swim, 27.1km/hr cycle, 5:56km/hr run) 25th out of 29 – Eton Dorney Olympic Triathlon [link to official results]
  8. 09 Oct 2016: 21.5km Half Marathon in 2:09:38 (6:03k/hr) – Oxford

My second major goal was to start ‘losing’ (weight that is!). Having set the goal to lose 9 kilos back in April, I’m 3.5 kilos closer to my goal as I’ve dropped from 69 kilos (152 lbs) down to 65.5 kilos (144 lbs). I’m still 5.5 kilos away from my ideal race weight but I’m confident that will come in time and with continued effort. It isn’t about losing weight quickly, but losing weight naturally as a result of the training and being more diligent about what I eat.

Part of the ‘losing’ goal was to increase my average weekly training to 7 hours. Despite 3 major bouts of illness (2 sinus infections which required antibiotics and one bout of the flu), I managed 2, 20+ hour months in August and September. One thing I’ve learned to value is my health! I’m still working towards an average of an hour a day, but within my limitations. My biggest weak point is staying up too late!

Looking back on the 2016 season, a major highlight as the progress I made with my 10k run. Having started off 2016 with a goal of wanting to break 60 minutes in a 10k on its own, I then managed to smash 60 minutes at the end of my first Olympic Triathlon in September. Another highlight was my unexpected speed at the Stratford Triathlon on my bike. Lastly, I would be remiss not to mention that although I ran ill, I was in complete control of my Half Marathon race and hit 20km in exactly 2:00:00 – sadly, I miscalculated the race distance and had to have a quick ‘feel sorry for myself’ moment in the shat-filled loo with 1.5k to go!

As 37 beckons, it is time to be thankful for a great 2016 season, filled with personal bests and small steps in the right direction. 2017 demands another step up as I tackle my first ‘trained for’ marathon (yes, I’ve run 2 with zero training – very stupid!) in May in Edinburgh, my first Blenheim Palace Triathlon and my first half ironman in August in the Cotswolds. Here’s to staying healthier as well!

Out with 36 and in with 37! My husband and me at the OxfordTri Gold Dinner at the end of October 2016