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How less content can actually mean more traffic to your website
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100% worth the read. How 3 “Normal” People Defied The Odds, Beat Up On Their Big Brand Competitors (and Got a Ton of Organic Traffic In The Process). We teach this method in the course.

What is the difference between and (and which one you should be using to grow your business)
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The photo I really wanted to use for this blog post is that orange-filled apple on the cover of Freakenomics because I think that is how most people view and Let me start by saying they are both AWESOME, … Read More

Why your mailing list is your most powerful asset
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Believe it or not, your mailing list is your most powerful asset. I’ve yet to met a marketer yet who would argue the opposite. Vin Clancy says ‘For every month your mailing list isn’t being used, you lose 10% of … Read More

FREEBIE: How to Build a Simple WordPress Website
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Do you need to build a simple website for yourself, your social enterprise, your charity or your business? Are you self-hosting your WordPress site? (not sure what this means? read our post on the difference between and here). Here … Read More

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Joy Foster

The All-Rounder

Joy Foster is a 3x Social Entrepreneur based in Oxford. She is an American married to a Brit and is a mother of two. In her free time she likes to train for triathlons and paint. She set up Made … Read More

Ben Newton

The Secret Weapon

Ahhhh… the awesomeness that is Ben. He is our go to guy for fixing malware issues, CSS magic and making the impossible possible. Ben wants to be a gymnast when he grows up.

Isaac Carr

Graphic Wizard

We are delighted to welcome Isaac Carr to the Made with Joy team. Isaac will be heading up any and all branding and graphic design work for our company as well as for clients who need design work incorporated into … Read More

Linda Liede

The Timekeeper

Linda started working with us as a Mum returner in May 2016. She makes sure that our timesheet system gets updated every week so we can accurately update our records and track our progress. She is also responsible for our … Read More

Emma Woo

Head Pixie

Emma Woo is on loan from the TechPixie programme. Part-trainee, part-project manager, part-fill in the gaps when they need being filled, Emma is our go to gal for everything that needs to get done. When she’s not shuttling kids to … Read More

Nicholas Leeks

The Migrator

Nicholas brings a breath of fresh air and humour to the Made with Joy team. Always with a helpful and grateful attitude, he has been working hard to get one of our major websites refurbished and migrated. When not at … Read More

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